Snookered by Tamasha Theatre

When it comes to Asian plays (not films), many people get dizzy, and amnesia starts to kick in when they try to remember, since there are not many overtly known theatre companies in the Asian hemisphere. If there is one you should know of, it goes by the name of ‘Tamasha’, which seems fitting for an Asian theatre company to be called such, since tamasha means an act, or commotion, pretty much summing up the purpose of theatre.

Tamasha have been around for a long time (since the 80’s), writing, as well as producing thought-provoking plays. East is East, the film about George and his identity deprived family in Salford was initially a play put on by Tamasha a couple of years earlier before it was made into a film. As well as that, a recent play that caused a huge buzz was an adaptation of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, set in the parched desert of Rajesthan. It was performed in both English and Hindu, featuring romance, melodrama and a captivating soundtrack to add to it all. The production brought together a creative team from the worlds of contemporary and classical Indian music and West End musical theatre with some of the best British Asian writing and acting talent.

Thus In the new year, expect more great theatre, and one of these is a forthcoming production called ‘Snookered’, written by Ishy Din (an applicant for Tamasha’s New Writing scheme in 2008). I myself was short-listed for this, but didn’t get to the next round, so I am a quantum bit envious as is anyone else who failed to impress. Nevertheless, good luck to Ishy Din for contributing, and writing about something other than evil in-laws, and the clichéd Desi tale. By the look from the trailer (link down below), Snookered is set to cause a 147 tension on table, as well as thoughts of the critics. Make sure you get down to check  this piece out as tickets are selling out fast.

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