The Problem With The CV

When it comes to writing a CV, majority of us become lethargic, and our individuality goes down the drain. The CV is the key to our employment, yet many of us don’t play much attention to it. Personally, I have never wrote a CV ever from scratch. From template to design, everything have been borrowed from different people and amalgamated. The copy and paste option is preferred since it’s a long procedure from start to finish, finding the right font, all the way to whether a border should be included or not. If you’re not getting the job you want, think what is it in your CV that isn’t letting you. Are you over or under selling yourself? Are you at times too ambiguous, and  at times succinct? As long as yours isn’t as the one below, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Imtiaz ‘Escobar’ Khan 

Winson green, Birmingham, West Midlands

Mobile Number: Sim blocked at the moment




The Street                                                              Grade: Still alive


I’ve worked all my life. Two sides of folio to mark my achievements is an understatement, and therefore not enough. On the weekends, I’m self-unemployed.


 . Energetic and erotic

. Open-minded and homophobic

. Thinks outside the box

. On the quest for success


To name a few is not fair. I’ll name three:

. Working (only if forced)

. Fetish for boxing

. Gallivanting


I’m my biggest reference. What you wanna know?