Conscious Clothing

Clothing has forever been a way to express your feelings to the world whether its grey and mundane or bright and colourful, clothing has been a way to reflect ones personality. It has also been a powerful tool to convey a message when words were not simply enough, or to raise awareness about a particular cause. Lance Armstrong’s yellow wristband created an entire industry and raised great awareness for his ‘LIVESTRONG’ charity. Footballers have worn messages under their kits which they have often unveiled during celebrations, most notably in recent times was Sevilla’s Fredric Kanoute who displayed his support for Palestine during 2009’s Operation Cast Lead.

However fashion and trends could also be used to distort the origins of piece of clothing. The Kofeyye or ”that Arabic scarf” as its known became a world wide trend in 2010 and a DJ from New York thought he’d adapt this to use the Israeli star covering the scarf, this did not go down too well with the Arab community who saw it as another attack on Palestinian Culture and something else that Israel was trying to occupy.

Many brands have started to be ethical and socially aware and are continually thinking of new ways to represent this. Shoe brand TOMS match every pair of shoes sold with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need, this giving ethos and a new evolving socially aware consumer has enabled them rise into the mega brand they are today.

Other new and exciting brands have decided to deliver a message of social injustice and peace through their brand; 2 such brands are STATEMENT and Truthful Lies. Statement is an established brand which has an Islamic element to its message. It is a popular choice for concious rappers such as Lowkey and Logic and other underground rap artists. It has an impressive range which spread its positive message through text blazoned across the middle, simple yet effective with its most popular being ”Knowledge is Power”.

Truthful Lies is a new up and coming brand which has just released its first ever season. Its motto “Exposing The Truth By Exposing The Lies” is definitely evident in its first collection. Both fashionable and thought provoking, Truthful Lies produced a solid foundation from which to build on for coming seasons. My favourite Tee is the raised fist, and just goes show you can be fashionable while still being socially aware.

Conscious clothing is a good way to present an opinion and express yourself without the needs for words and provides a good rest bite from the designer clad garments filling the wardrobe, I cant wait what future brings for both Statement and Truthful Lies. I am also impressed that companies like TOMS are giving back to help those in need and even Truthful Lies are donating a percentage of their profit to charity, this is a positive change in society and is a practice that should be encouraged as much as possible.

Peace Out…