Review: The Weeknd – Echoes of Silence

In under a year Abel Tesfaye or The Weeknd as he is more commonly known, has taken the music world by storm with his trilogy of mixtapes and the past week fans have received the final part to the puzzle… ”Echoes of Silence”. 

House of Balloons (arguably his best work from the trilogy) introduced us into the murky world of The Weeknd, a totally new sound from the Toronto artist which proved a huge hit with many, his name was further brought into the limelight when the follow up Thursday was released which had the song The Zone which featured fellow Toronto artist Drake. Both mixtapes arrived with critical acclaim and both very different, where House of Balloons was more dark and mystical Thursday brought with it a different mood which showed the musical range of The Weeknd. Drake then provided two Abel Tesfaye assisted songs on his Sophmore album which some might say be the best songs on Take Care. His name slowly cementing into mainstream hip hop/ rnb and a proper album has not even been released.

Echoes of Silence was released with a bang and Abel Tesfaye took a big risk by putting his own twist on a Michael Jackson classic Dirty Diana and I have to say the risk paid off, it was remastered and brought into the world of The Weeknd and it worked, strong vocals and some good production to suit, it provides the perfect start of what sets out to be another awesome mixtape.

This final part of the trilogy also progresses lyrically, with Abel Tesfaye becoming more famous the traps of fame and his new experiences can be witnessed in his lyrics;

”you never thought that i would ever go this far, you said potential could never last this long”

”Girl, I might be 21 but I got memories to prove that I’ve seen your kind before”

Damn the problems of fame…I wouldnt mind them at all! Lyrically this mixtape is definitely the most advanced and progress can be seen from The Weeknd, its birth with House of Balloons to this current state. Initiation is an amazing example of the chopped and screwed vocals that are ever present with The Weeknd and tells the story of what groupies may have to go through to get to chill with the artist and his crew. Next tells of all the females who are suddenly interested in him as they know he is about to blow and is next. The final song on the mixtape is Echoes of Silence which provides a relaxing finish to all the happenings on previous tracks, some simple piano and synth work provides the basis for an epic end to the mixtape.

This mixtape is definitely one to listen to (well al 3 are) and one which will be on my ipod for years to come, the future looks bright for Abel Tesfaye and his fans should not despair, he has promised to package all three mixtapes into one Trilogy package, re-mastered and full of bonus features. 2012 is going to be a big year and im sure all their fans will stay for ”The Ride”.

Echoes of Silence – Download Link

01 D.D
02 Montreal
03 Outside
04 XO/The Host
05 Initiation
06 Same Old Song
07 The Fall
08 Next
09 Echoes Of Silence

Peace Out…