2012 – Year of The New Mayan

It’s that same routine once again, and this year is no exception. Post Christmas, people fool ourselves into believing after eating (if you do celebrate Christmas), that they’ll be detoxing their bodies, visiting the gym to burn off the Turkey wings.  In reality none of this really happens. In actual fat, I’m still trying to burn off the calories that I acquired from Eid couple months earlier. Apart from gym being the only resolution, people should ask themselves how can they better themselves for other people? Yes morality seems to crop up a lot on resolution lists and why shouldn’t it. We are after all human beings.

My resolutions this year will be radical, and a lot different from previous attempts at keeping them. This year I will be confronting fear factors, and bettering myself, looking into the future and gearing myself up for great expectations. If you need a push with what resolutions to keep, then here are a few that may interest you:

Don’t do the same things in 2012. Pretend the world was ending. Pretend the Mayan prophecy actually was true. Obviously you have to repeat bodily functions (e.g. eat, excrete), but in terms of leisure, and recreation, do something different. Go horse riding or something. Do what none of your friends are doing. You may say ‘if it isn’t broke why fix it?’  I agree, but in order to know if it’s broken or not, take your life through a series of tests. See if there are certain aspects to you that need improving, that need a bit more colour into them. If you’re a recluse then socialise; if you’re too much of a social butterfly, it’s time to go back in the cocoon. 

. Do you fear heights? Make 2012 the year of brave, and Bondful encounters. Climb Everest if you have to overcome your fear. If you’re gonna do it, do it big right? If the thrill in those seconds leading up to your fictional death are exhilarating, imagine how exciting death must be?

. Be minimal in everything. Eat less. Workout more. Forget those ritual strolls into Topman/H&M every week, hoping for something new to catch your eye. This never happens, and you just end up impulse buying for things you don’t really need. Personally, I have boycotted H&M due to them not re-releasing the Versace line. WHYYY??

. Spend money on the good stuff, if you can afford it. Drape yourself with the best of the best. If you’re working, wear designer. If you’re a student, use the loan on high-end stuff. You cannot have any regrets with designer. They rarely go out of fashion, unless of course we are talking about those infamous Moschino jeans that had ‘moschino’ written everywhere on them. Don’t become a hoarder of disposable clothing, you’ll just end up giving it to a charity, and feel depressed about it. Invest your money. Buy only on sales, never a month before a festive period. And oh, give to charity. Never forget the charity.

. When we try remembering where our money was spent, we end up scratching heads. When this happens it means most likely that it was spent on food.

. Keep statistics. Note down how much time you spend in being social. Once you do, you’ll begin to see a pattern emerging, and if you’re going out every other day, then be worried. And if you’re running low on money, voila that’s the cause of it. Don’t waste time.

I hope I have helped in convincing you to keep a resolution. You don’t need to keep all, one at a time. I know I will be the first to break this resolution, but oh well, God loves the ones that try.