Review: Wiz Khalifa @ O2 Academy

The Wiz Khalifa band wagon stopped over in Birmingham in November this year and yours truly was there. After chart success with his debuts album wiz set off on a European adventure for his Black&Yellow tour and on Nov 10th Birmingham was its destination.

As support artists go Yelawolf was a pretty good one, set the stage just right and had the fans jumping up and down like lunatics! He also had a good mix of popular songs with a few album ones thrown in so fans who had not heard much of him left with a solid impression. Daddys Lambo was my favourite and definitely the crowds too, Yelawolfs ‘spitting’ ability was also showcased and it was no wonder that the boy got signed for shady records!

After a little interlude from the DJ it was time for the man himself to come out to which the crowd went mental! I cant remember which song he opened with but everyone went bananas, he definitely knew how to work a crowd. His trademark dance moves and distinct laugh were apparent throughout, sang all his hits Black and Yellow, Taylor Gang and even a few of the songs he has cameos on, my personal favourite being 5 ‘O’Clock which was a favourite with the UK crowd as it featured our Lily Allen. Wiz definitely kept the crowd within his grasp for the entirety of his set, and the crowd felt they could connect with him (slightly helped by the intimate nature of the venue).

This was also my first concert with Mansoob and Mohi, both of whom im sure you will hear more about in coming posts, both provided me with some hilarious memories! Wiz was amazing and I would genuinely go see him again. Overall it was a great night, great music with great friends…what else could a guy ask for?

Peace Out…