Top 5 Smartphones

It’s fair to say that the past 5 years or so has seen the meteoric rise of the smartphone. Who would’ve thought you can play more than Snake on your handset, surf the tinterweb with broadband speed, or even take photos that are digital camera sharp. Amazing stuff; silicon valley at its utter best. I can’t wait to see what the next few years has in store.

But for now, let’s look back at the top 5 smartphone releases and maybe mention some of the bums.

5. iPhone (Original – 2007):

What now seems to be a decade old, the original iPhone makes it into my top 5. Apple Inc, led by the late Steve Jobs had to make their move in the market. And as in true Apple style, the launch of the iPhone was HUGE. It changed the game with its uber-responsive touchscreen and its iOS operating software. Apple had truly arrived. It may seem like ancient technology now, but remember this was only 5 years ago! It’s amazing to see how Apple have developed their product and continually kept innovating.

4. iPhone 3G (The App Store is Born – 2008)

Many people underestimate what the Apple App store has done to our lives. It created a whole new market-place where developers, both professional and amateur, could release their creations to the world. Instantly, people were making fortunes – and anyone could do it. The iPhone 3G was the catalyst that saw the App Store skyrocket to new-found success. To put it into perspective, let’s take RIM – the company that own Blackberry. They’re worth about $7.4bn (as of 30/12/11) – not exactly a small amount. But then take a look at Apple’s market capitalisation, it’s about $376.5bn (as of 30/12/11). Delve a little deeper and you’ll see that the App Store, which now has more than 500,000 apps, accounts for about 2% of Apple’s market cap figure – that’s $7.53bn… Wow.

3. iPhone 3GS (The Jack of All Trades – 2009)

OK, many people complained that the 3GS wasn’t worth the upgrade, but it still sold like hot cakes. What was different? This model truly became the only gadget you need on your person when going out. Apple introduced the long-awaited video recording ability. Alongside that, a magnetometer was added. At first impression – what the fuck is that? Well, it’s basically a compass. This now allowed App developers to give you turn-by-turn directions. Hello Tom-Tom for iPhone!

2. iPhone 4 (Apple Up Their Game…Again – 2010)

A brand new look, even better screen with its retina display, a whole lot faster and a gyroscope. The glass front and back meant that the iPhone looked slick. Sadly however, antenna problems marred the release. Apple were quick to react and issued everyone with a free case. It didn’t solve the problem, but I bought the iPhone 4 anyway. I got fed up of my shitty Blackberry Bold 9700 not being able to surf the web properly – I was hurt by Blackberry’s inadequacy so I jumped ship.

1. iPhone 4 (Again)

Hear me out. Apple, in 2011 released their new operating system – iOS5. With it, they bought better notification controls, integrated twitter for easy tweeting and most importantly, killed Blackberry with iMessage. Enough said.

Why not the iPhone 4S? Well, it didn’t do anything that was actually worth upgrading for. Although it’s still a cracking phone; if you’re an iPhone virgin, the 4S is a good place to start. But having bought the iPhone 4, I felt underwhelmed at the new features – namely Siri, a speed bump and the antenna fix. The latter two, I liked. Siri just didn’t do it for me. It’s clever, granted. But the novelty wears off pretty fast. I think I’ll wait for the next one before I upgrade.

Biggest Flops, of the decade, who ruined every chance they ever had, because of two idiots: Blackberry RIP.

I was a huge Blackberry fan. Way back when in 2007, I bought my very first Blackberry (8300, for those who care). It was AWESOME. A full qwerty keyboard, the world-wide web, push email and BBM (although I had no contacts for a while because no one else had a BB). I was in tech heaven. I felt like a multi-millionaire businessman with my blackberry in its black leather case. Everyone knew I was just a kid, but it made me feel special. That’s what I liked, and that’s why I bought into the Blackberry name.

Fast forward 5 years and Blackberry, lead by two buffoon CEOs with egos bigger than a blue-whale’s bollocks, have continually proven that they’re slow to change and react to the market. Apple, Samsung, HTC and all the other players absolutely thrashed them. They had two unique selling points – push email and BBM. They’ve lost their competitive advantage. Adding fire to the flame, their newer models seem pretty shit. Maybe it’s just that I’m holding a grudge… I don’t like waiting and RIM made me wait.

Although they report revenues are up this year, I’m going to be bold and make a business prediction. I predict that by 2015, RIM will be gone. Maybe not fully, but they won’t be recognisable. If the current senior management continue to hold their positions, they’re fucked.

So let me know what your top 5 are. You won’t get me to change my mind, but it’s worth a try.