Mario Balotelli: Why Always Him???

Jose Mourinho brought with him class and character, you either loved or hated him there was no middle ground and when he left Chelsea there was a definite hole left behind. In steps in Italy’s trouble child Mario Balotelli and what we have seen of him so far has been glimpses of magic and raw talent. Then comes the persona which just amazes fans across the board.

I personally love the guy and think he is just what the premiership needed, something a bit more fun and someone who doesn’t take life too serious! His misdemeanour’s were reminded to me last night when I heard a song from grime artists Tinchy Stryders mixtape  The Wish List called Mario Balotelli which starts with news reports of his antics and then Tinchy’s team do go in!

Mario has provided us with countless joys below are some of my favourites….

Mario Trips Dzecko 


The Failed Backheel!

I will leave you with this quote from the man himself when asked on who is the best player in the world….

“There is only one player who is a little stronger than me — Messi. All the others are behind me.”

Mario… never change for anyone!!!

Peace Out…