Slip In to These

Slippers are an important piece of kit in the gentleman’s wardrobe. He doesn’t just roam in and out of the kitchen barefooted. That would be of course, barbaric, and uncivilised, something a gentleman is not. If Cinderella could have transparent glass ones, then yes, a man can have velvety ones.

Aspinal of London have it artistically right here, with these immaculate pair of black velvet slippers with an added feature of a hand embellished silk embroidered Skull and Rose motif. The slipper is part of an age-long traditional English way of life, just as a buttered scone, or a lukewarm cup of Earl Grey is. These Aspinal Velvet Slippers are handmade in England using the highest quality velvet, and are luxuriantly padded with a soft quilted satin lining, with a natural leather sole. These smart slippers are elegant enough for either lawyer, or writer to wear outside as shoes or for stylishly lounging around at home in.