Suits – The Best New TV Show from Over the Pond since House

I caught wind of this new TV show from an advert I saw on Dave (sky channel 111). The premise is pretty simple (I’ll let you watch the YouTube clip above for that).

And I am hooked! It’s a lot like my favourite TV show of all time – House, but instead of doctors (or detectives as in Sherlock Holmes), it’s about Corporate Lawyers. Ideal for those who want a clever script, storyline and want to see characters develop throughout the series – more than your “RICKY!!!” from Eastenders (Not dissing Eastenders….oh wait, I am… Can you tell I don’t like shitty TV?).

The twist here is that there are two protagonists, instead of the usual one main character. First, Harvey Spector, the best corporate lawyer in New York. He’s a “closer” for his law firm – he sorts out the difficult situations and makes them easy. Well dressed, immaculately presented, witty, intelligent and filthy rich (much like how I’d want to be in 10 years time), he’s just been promoted to senior partner of his firm, Pearson Hardman.

He needs an associate. Cue Mike Ross.

Harvey doesn’t want a normal Harvard law grad, he wants someone special, someone like him. During interviews, in pops a college drop-out with an amazing ability – he has a photographic memory. After a few displays of talent, Harvey agrees to hire Mike, even if he isn’t qualified.

What more could you want?! Together, these two solve the weirdest of cases using snide legal tactics and clever second-guessing of clients and opponents. It’s an incredible mix of law and psychology; right up my street.

Season 1 looks great and I really hope Dave sign on for the second season. It seriously is a contender for best tv show in my opinion and definitely the best bit of tv from America since House 8 years ago. I’m even considering ditching a career in Accountancy for one in Law! Bloody heck.

Catch it on Dave, season premiere on Tuesday 17th January 2012, at 9pm. I will definitely have sky plus at the ready.