Beats by Oscar de la Renta

In probably Dr Dre’s most audacious collaboration he has certainly got people talking. Oscar de la Renta. The fashonista renowned for his work at Elizabeth Arden and Dior to name a few has now teamed up with hip hop super producer Dr Dre to come out with these beats covered n luxe silver fox. These limited edition headphones would set you back $695 (approx.£455).

I personally wouldn’t wear these, I can definitely seeing them catch on among female socialites and people such as Lil Wayne. These most likely will be a success, what product that Dre makes these days isn’t?

However these have caused a stir in not only the fashion world but from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), who believe it is wrong to use real animal fur in the production of these luxury products and are calling for them to be retracted from sale, highly unlikely as they are already on sale.

Beats by Dre have always loved getting celebrities aboard and adapting their product for a re-release for their Artist Series. Oscar de la Renta joins a pretty exclusive club from Queen of Weird Lady Gaga to basketball MVP Lebron James. Whatever the future brings for Beats by Dre its going to have the backing of some major people, look forward to it.

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Peace Out..