ICONS: Tom Ford

Many of you may not have a clue who Tom Ford is or care what he does, but I think everyone needs to appreciate his work ethic. His fashion credentials speak for themselves, he was the man who turned around Gucci’s fortunes when the administrators were called in the early 90’s. As creative director he oversaw an incredible turnaround which began at an almost bankrupt fashion house in 94′ to Gucci being valued by 1999 at a staggering $4.3billion, this success carried on till Ford’s departure in 2004 where the value of Gucci was at $10billion.

His work at Gucci also led him to be creative designer at the house of Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) (when they were purchsed by Gucci). This imprinted his name in fashion and was definitely one of the biggest names in the industry at the time. However Ford wanted more than success in the fashion world, he had other ideas and things he wanted to do, this led him to leave Gucci at the height of his success in 2004. He directed his own movie which was Oscar nominated as well as start his own brand.

Tom Ford the brand is now in full flow, with flagship stores in some of the worlds fashion capitals he is making his own way in the fashion industry rather than working for someone else. He is very hands on with his brand and even sometimes models for it too.

Tom Ford is one of the creative geniuses of the modern era, his work ethic is clearly evident ”if im awake, im working” he states in the documentary below. The documentary is a spin off from Oprah’s Masterclass series and an amazing watch as Tom Ford allows camera’s for the first time to witness his creative process and as he opens up about his childhood and early career. A brilliant documentary and inspiration for a any budding creative.

Peace Out…