3, 2, 1, M:Zero

Say hello to a new breed of footwear, M:Zero. Their website claims to be most definitely a step forward to the future, and yes they are. They may look like normal brogues in weird colours, yet they are not like normal brogues. You’ve been deceived. They’re not like anything you’ve seen before, and what makes them worth talking about is the material they’re made of. Those days have long gone when leather was the leader in the shoe world. These bad boys by M:Zero are lace up shoes, moulded from matte blue plastic (Yes PLASTIC) with ridges on the toe to mimic a dress shoe. The M:Zero logo is impressed into the heel surface, whilst air holes keep your feet fresh and comfortable. Now are we talking business, or are we talking business? Check out images below, and be prepared to be blown away.