Flashback Friday: TLC

TLC are America’s most successful girl group, with over 50 million albums sold worldwide their success spanned over a decade and controversy was never far behind. T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli were the members of the band and the name TLC came about from the initials of their first names (Tiana, Lisa and Crystal).


The band’s early career saw their first album ‘Ooooooohhh… On the TLC Tip’ have huge success (selling 4 million albums) and were opening for artists such as MC Hammer. The momentum kept going with their second album ‘crazysexylove’ whicch featured some great hits for the band which launched them into international successes. From that album Waterfalls was the biggest hit, and was a different type of song from TLC with it containing more socially conscience lyrics. The album went onto sell 22 million albums worldwide.



The third album FanMail had several delays due to on an ongoing feud with their producer however once this was settled the album produced some of the bands most popular hits. A tour followed and despite early worries it became the most successful female tour of all time.



Another track that many will be surprised to hear is FanMail which was covered recently my rapper Drake ‘I Get Lonely Too’, Drake put his own twist on it but the original will always be for me, the far superior version.



After the album and tour the band decided to take some time out to pursue individual projects, most notably for UK fans Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez featured on Spice Girl Melanie C’s Never Be The Same Again. As work began on their 4th album more controversy surrounded it as Lisa had some issues with the way things were being done and pursued some solo projects instead of finishing the project with the band. However during this time she was involved in a fatal car accident and the album was never properly finished. The 4th album 3D was eventually completed with the help of an array of producers and Lisa’s previous recording sessions were used. After this project the band felt that it was only right for the TLC to retire.


TLC are one of the most successful female bands of all time and I could post so many of their hits and who knows how more successful that band might have become if Left-Eye didn’t die? The last song I am going to post is from the album Fanmail and is one that is so relevant today as it was all those years ago…Unpretty



Peace Out…