Samsung Galaxy AD Campaign

The release of the iPhone4S was one of the most anticipated moments of 2011 and to many it was a huge flop, Samsung took this as a chance to rub it in the faces of many ‘hipsters’ who kind of jump on the bandwagon and queue for hours when there is a simple better alternative (according to them) i.e. the Samsung Galaxy S2.



Of course the advert doesn’t identify Apple by name but its pretty obvious who they are targeting and I have to say it’s pretty funny. After the success of the first video Samsung have continued with the series and now added ”Urban Camping” which can be seen below. Also when Samsung does something that an Apple product can’t… you’ve been Samsunged!



Besides the laughs the ads do really showcase the Samsungs cool specs and will make those with the phone smile smugly I’m sure.




There’s a few more on their Youtube page so if your liking them have a look on there for some more!

Peace Out…