FlashbackFriday/Wise Words: Outlandish – Walou

I think most of us will remember this song from our younger days and for me personally it will forever have a place on my iPod. Walou is from Outlandish’s first studio album Bread and Barrels of Water and was a huge success worldwide for them. Grab the video and some of its lyrics after the cut…



While this played on my iTunes last night the lyrics hit me and I saw that these were just as relevant in today’s world as they were back at the start of this century. Waqas’s feature in the first verse gives a look into how we as Muslims should deal with problems that face us in relation to their contributions to the lessons we learn and the blessings from God that we may not have realised yet…


The 2nd guessing cause you never know when the guy upstairs blessing or testing you in sessions better be ready for confession

we all learn our lessons someway and somehow when you fail you bow and even if u succeed you take a bow

The video centres around the topic of poverty and illegal immigration, a boy who is trying to escape his native Morocco for Europe (via the ship) as he believes he has nothing i.e. Walou.

Lenny’s verse is amazing when read translated and definitely flow well with the songs topic.

De la nada sale el todo (From the nothing comes everything )
Y el todo se hace nada  (And everything becomes nothing)

The song definitely epitomises what Outlandish try to do with their music being more socially and culturally aware and invoking thought to their listener. Outlandish are a fave for this blog so im sure there will be more posts from them in the coming months.

Peace Out…