Portable Blogging Vol.1


Train journeys are an amazing time for self reflection, so are bus journeys to be honest but less desirable. A time to catch up on that album you were meaning to listen to a few weeks ago, replying to emails or just a time to gather your thoughts after a stressful day at work/school/university.

I find it the perfect place to read whether it’s a book or a magazine, just somewhere I can relax and look forward to wherever I’m headed. Trains are definitely modernising with faster trains planned and wifi being a payable option (an expensive one at that). London is only an hour and half away making it a perfectly viable day out without driving all the way down and dealing with congestion charges and the rest of it.

Trains have a stigma of expensive attached to them and they often can be however there are two ways to ensure you get the best deal. Firstly get a 16-25 RailCard, it gives you a third off all rail fares and gives you special advanced rates and you can make up the money cost to purchase one (approx £25 a year) in one or two train journeys.

Secondly it’s important to be flexible and book in advance, you can pick up some serious bargains, I once booked a month in advance to London with my rail card for only £8 return.

So yeah those are my tips on how to get the best deal on train journeys and ideal for those who don’t can’t get to everywhere with a car. I love the flexibility it gives me to visit family in other cities without the whole Asian family on the motorway scenario sometimes it’s just easier to go by yourself. I’m gonna go now and give a read to March’s issue of GQ and give a proper listen to Habits and Contradictions by ScHoolboy Q.

Peace Out…