SBTV: YouTube Sensation x 100m Views

SBTV has been around for a few years now and has grown but strength to strength. You have to stand back and admire the work done by its creator Jamal Edwards. I was amazed to hear that his YouTube channel has now hit 100m hits and to celebrate a special Boy Better Know Cypher was released, have a listen after the cut and read more about the empire that is SBTV…

One of the main things I like about SBTV is its growth and diverse music it now presents on the channel. From Grime artists such as English Frank and Giggs to Pop Boy Bands like The Wanted, the channel offers a wide range of music that appeals to the majority of the 12-30 age group. It has also been the key factor in the success of Pop sensation Ed Sheeran who was first spotted on that sight.

Jamal Edwards has done alot of work on his own image within the industry, he has fronted YouTube, Google Chrome and Virgin adverts. One of the big things for me personally was him touring around the world with Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg as an offical Brand Ambassador!

Whatever the future holds for the SBTV brand it is sure to be big and I definitely will be keeping an eye on the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder Jamal Edwards.

Peace Out…