The reason why there were no posts from me for a while was because I was on holiday in Pakistan, it was an amazing experience and definitely 4 weeks I will remember for a long time. Part of my Pakistan blogging will involve posting a few memorable pictures which will hopefully reveal a side to Pakistan that may surprise you. The first is of Badshahi Masjid in Lahore, an amazing piece of architecture which was completed in 1673 and is a shining example of the grand designs that were present in the Mughal Era.

The mosque at the time was the largest in the world and this record was only broken 313 years later. The mosque can hold 5000 worshippers in its main hall and 95,000 more in its courtyard and surrounding rooms. Its stature and history, define it as not only Lahore’s but one of Pakistan’s great landmarks and historic sights.

The mosque is steeped in history and has seen many changes under its different rulers. It is currently going through a restoration process to further improve the ageing buildings and return it to former glories.

Security is still an issue, metal detectors at the entrance and gun men everywhere, during Friday prayers the young men next to me both had handguns. It was a timely reminder that you do have to be careful especially in cities like Lahore which always seem to be on edge.

Peace Out…