Review: Drake @ LG Arena

Drake took over Birmingham last week with 2 sold out dates, half of Birmingham was basically there! It was Drakes first time he has been at the LG since supporting Jay Z for the Blueprint3 tour 2 years ago and alot has changed…

Credit where its due, well done Drizzy for selling out LG twice! This is definitely an achievement and shows that his music has reached the mainstream and definitely attracts people from many different demographics. I was excited when I first heard about Club Paradise Tour coming to the UK, I was hyped about seeing Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky open for him. When they cancelled, me along with many others were disappointed and in comes Labrinth.

Labrinth was a decent support artist and I managed to turn up right at the end of his set when he sang his biggest hits. Then there was an hour wait for Drake, I was surprised there was no DJ to hype the crowd a bit before Drake came on, instead we got LG Arena’s bootlegged songs which had some decent tunes but some utter fails also.

Drake entered the stage with one of the better productions on the album, Lord Knows, Just Blaze really does the damage and is the perfect entrance with its heavy drums and strong vocals. Drake then goes into album mode and performs tracks such as Underground Kings and The Real Her.

The highlights of the night were HYFR, The Motto, Round of Applause and Crew Love. The Weeknd’s fan base is growing by the week and his affiliation with Team OVO is working wonders. Crew Love sounded amazing and I personally can’t wait for The Weeknd to do a few shows around the UK, he is however appearing at the Wireless Festival along with Drake in the Summer. Take Care was also a crowd pleaser with Drake describing Rihanna as a ‘nice girl’ during the concert.

Overall the concert was decent, the support artist could have been way better, the lack of a DJ inbetween acts had many walking around aimlessly. Two thoughts kept running through my head throughout the concert, firstly the J Cole concert a few months ago was way better and that Jay Z and Kanye West are going to tear up that stage in June. I don’t think Drake’s stage presence is all there yet, his music catalogue has definitely improved but is way to slow for what is supposed to be a hip hop concert.

Many people I spoke to loved the concert and that is fair enough but I wasn’t wowed by it, will I be seeing Drake again if he comes to these shores again…highly unlikely! I just can’t wait for the Watch The Throne tour in June…

Also apologies, my pictures came out really poor so I thought why not use others from the concert that I found online, but I promise I’ll be back on form for WTT!

Peace Out…