The GQ Guide to Shirting

I am a huge fan of GQ Magazine for simple reason they make sense! The appeal to men who want to look good without looking over groomed which appeals to the professional man. Their style guide has done it again! I’ve seen many shirting fails and I have been guilty of some also but never again I promise myself! Have a look after the cut for some of GQ’s top tips on how to achieve the best look when picking a shirt…

You can tell a good shirt from a mile away and its important to get the right one, that doesn’t mean you have to spent hundreds, you can find them at Topman or Hugo Boss but what is important is the fit and how you pull it off!

1.Use Your Head—Check Your Neck 

Some guys just buy their shirts in small, medium, or large. No wonder they don’t fit so well. You should know your measurements—neck size and arm length—and not just for the sake of it. Make sure you can comfortably fit one finger between the collar and your neck. If two fingers fit, the collar’s too big

2. Trim the Shirt Fat

You see them everywhere, guys with ballooning dress shirts so blousy they could hide a backpack under them. We at GQ are at war with this look. No matter what your shape, buy a shirt that closely fits your torso. Billowy folds don’t disguise; they only amplify.

3.Shop Right

When you head to the store, ask for a slim-fit dress shirt. Everyone makes them these days, but remember one stores slim fit will be different to another’s.

4. There Are a Zillion Collars. Ignore Them

Yeah, we get confused by collar choices, too. But really, you only need to know one: the semispread. It’s not too fashion-forward, not too conservative. It works with every kind of suit, every kind of tie. You can’t go wrong.

5. Surefire Tip: Real Men Wear Pink

Guys might think, ‘Oh, I can’t wear pink,’ but it all depends on what kind of pink you wear. You don’t want a bubble-gum hot pink; you want a light pink that’s more a pale shade of rose. Wear it with a simple dark tie and that color flatters everyone’s skin, whether it’s the middle of August or the dead of winter.”—Jim Moore, GQ creative director (I personally have seen way too many pink shirt fails, the shade is crucial and what you wear with it is important if you want to pull it off like Lebron up there).

6. Style Police: Go Tuck Yourself

Okay, here’s the deal: Letting your dress shirt hang out doesn’t make you look younger or thinner. It makes you look like you’re wearing a muumuu. Traditional dress shirts aren’t meant to be untucked; they’re cut long so they remain in your pants. Tucking in your shirt won’t kill you, it’ll just make you look better.

7. Iron, Man!

The real reason you should be washing and ironing your shirts is that they’re your shirts. And who’s going to look after them better than you?

8. Limp Collar? NO! 

Don’t settle for a limp collar. Collar Stays keep your collar standing at attention. Stays should come out before your shirts get laundered and go back in when the shirts return clean.

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