TheFancy for those of you that don’t know is probably one of the best social websites in recent times and its recent additions have turned it potentially into the next big money maker. Have a look after the cut why I think TheFancy is the next big thing!

The concept is so simple but so effective, you join the site upload your coolest photos to your profile, weather it be a product or place or just something you find interesting. TheFancy then selects the best for viewing on their main page and allows other users to view and ‘fancy’ it, this is all well and good but doesn’t really produce much income.

TheFancy has now introduced one touch purchasing to its app and website, companies link pictures containing their products to a selling point. It is taking the user experience one step further, you can not only ‘fancy’ a post but actually buy the product pictured through the site. With it rapidly approaching 1 million users its story has certainly only just begun.

Its backers are pretty much a wall of fame of tech and luxury genius. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes are amongst its board and investors include Andreessen Horowitz (Venture Capitalist Billionaire), Ashton Kutcher and French conglomerate PPR, the parent company of high-end fashion lines like Gucci and Alexander McQueen. I certainly wouldn’t bet against it.

Just last week Fashion house Oscar de la Renta debuted a t-shirt from its spring collection exclusively through the site and in just week amassed $10,000 worth of sales through it, according to TheFancy. This is where it will thrive, niche, high end luxury products and by using a range of mediums such as mobile and online its e-commerce will thrive and take the business to new dizzy heights.

Have a look at the site and even join at

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