Kids TV Aint What It Used To Be

Me and my closest friends always say this about TV these days. The dawn of Miley Cyrus and all these other crappy TV shows they make for kids are NOTHING compared to what we had back in our day. We had so many cartoons and now you have loads of pre-pubescent American teens just hopping around our screens.

Today, me and my siblings suddenly started surfing the kids channels and this triggered a session of humorous reminiscence. One by one we took it in turns to remember a kids TV show we all loved watching when we were little when Cable existed (no Sky back then!). We then began singing the theme tunes and talking about the scenes that we still remember today. The conversation moved onto YouTube and that sparked an idea for a blog.

So to save you lot the trouble, below are the TV shows we remembered and their theme songs. Enjoy.

Hey Arnold



Dexter’s Lab

Hong Kong Phooey

Pinky & The Brain

Ed Edd & Eddy

I am Weasel (my favourite theme tune!)


Powerpuff Girls

Cow & Chicken

Dragonball Z

Tom & Jerry


Pink Panter

Magic Schoolbus




Courage the Cowardly Dog

Scooby Doo

Hey Arthur


Dennis the Menace

If I’ve missed any out, let me know!