Review: Watch The Throne @ LG Arena

If you guys don’t know what Watch The Throne is you really haven’t been paying attention to music in general really. Its the musical concept with rappers Jay Z and Kanye West at the forefront. And believe me it is a total experience. The album is an epic showcase of both rappers and when a European tour was announced I was sure to get some front row tickets. Grab a read after the cut about how the night went…

This is probably one of the most anticipated concerts for me personally ever, I had high expectations for both Jay and Kanye and to be honest, they surpassed all of them and then some.

Due to several mishaps before the concert I missed the opening 2 songs (H.A.M and Otis) but when I walked up the stairs the crowd was going crazy so the impact of them was evident, the first song I witnessed was Who Gon Stop Me which automatically had me on a hype, they had this impact which artists normally have for one or two songs not for an entire setlist!

Kanye then went off the stage for a while and it was Jay Z who had the crowd exactly where he wanted dropping some hip hop anthems from his extensive catalogue which included Jigga What, Jigga Who and Where Im From, the crowd loved every second, then effortlessly Jay Z went off stage and Kanye came on to sing some of his well known hits such as Flashing Lights and Jesus Walks.

The set for the concert was epic! You can tell everything had a purpose and came together effortlessly! From the lasers to the pyrotechnics, the most impressive piece of the set for the night has to be raised platforms that just popped up and allowed people from the back seats to get a closer look at Kanye and Jay Z which I thought was a pretty cool added touch.

The pair have awesome chemistry and just seem to bounce off each other like they’ve been doing it forever. The decision to showcase a wide range of songs from both of their catalogues was a good one and gave the concert a pace that didn’t seem to go down. New Day was an emotional performance with references to their unborn children (at the time of production).

There’s way too many songs to mention, all were delivered with 200% effort and gave the night an invincible sort of feeling (Big Pimpin’, Empire State Of Mind, Power, Good Life, 99 Problems, Gold Digger etc and etc). You were witnessing two artists at the top of their game, showcasing what they had to offer. The only time I had to breathe was when Kanye went off on one when singing Runaway, which did on drag on a bit but even then the audience was captivated.

The night ended with the customary Ni**as in Paris 4 times! I was expecting the song to be played and it be pretty cool, I’ve seen the videos just like everyone else but believe me, being there is totally different! I’ve never seen one song have such a big impact and Jay Z and Kanye were loving every second.

The Watch The Throne Tour has been a huge success and for me places Jay Z and Kanye West at the helm of hip hop, not many artists can do what these two have just accomplished. They gave fans an arena experience, I went to see Drake a few months ago in the same place, same block but the feeling totally different, I felt robbed! The Watch The Throne tour is probably one of the best hip hop concerts of our lifetime. I don’t see anyone other than maybe Eminem who can do what these two industry heavyweights have just done.

The sad thing is that, it is most likely downhill from here…If you have a chance to see them this Friday, grab it with both hands and go, you wont regret it!

Peace Out…