Its Monday once again so its time for another U2G post. Having a twitter convo with a couple of friends the topic of style icons came up. Numerous names got thrown up both new and old; Kanye, Cudi, Pharrell, Beckham, Cristiano, Zac Effron, James Dean, Nick Wooster, the list is is pretty dope. Zac Effron has matured well and his styling has seen a change from his teen heart throb days. Its that change that is key to crack, you need to do it well and it has to suit your personality.

A personal fave of mine at the moment is Tinie Tempah (Voted GQ’s Best Dressed Male 2012), he has shown how to pull off a mature look both in the street and on the catwalk and he does it with a bit of character and a smile which always helps. The above picture was taken at London Fashion Week a few weeks ago and definitely backs up his ‘Best Dressed’ credentials.

Peace Out…