”When I read about Ramadan…I fell in love”

As I was going through my twitter feed I noticed that the US Based Huffington Post are doing a special blog this Ramadan where people are asked to put their experiences and reflections of the holy month. For those of you that aren’t aware, Ramadan is one of the holiest months on the Islamic calendar where Muslims fast from dusk till dawn. Most of the posts have been fascinating, even as a Muslim myself its brilliant for me to see what other people on other sides of the globe are going through and the similarities you share.

Ramadan is a time when the global Islamic community is at its closest, it is also a time when non-muslims take a peek into life as a muslim. One of the posts on the HuffPost blog that spoke to me was that from a non Muslim who was trying Ramadan for the first time…

A young non-Muslim member of the HuffPost community writes:

“I am 18 years old and a freshman in college. This year I’ve decided to fast for Ramadan even though I am not a Muslim. I plan to major in Religious Studies this fall at UNC Greensboro. This year has been the most enlightening year of my life. The experiences I’ve had I will cherish and keep with me for the rest of my life. I did a project my senior year in high school on religion. For this project I experienced several services of various faiths. I visited a Buddhist temple, two synagogues, and various churches within the Christian tradition. When I read about Ramadan however, I fell in love. I had always wanted to take part in the fast, and when I found out that Ramadan occurred during the summer, I was inspired to join. I felt it was a good way to finish my year of religious exploring.

I’ve found that while I am fasting I tend to focus more internally, working to hone my strengths and extinguish my flaws. Also, I notice every homeless person I pass on the street now. I’ve realized that while my fast may be temporal some live their lives the way I’ve been spending my days: in extreme hunger and thirst. I hope that during this experience I learn to empathize with my fellow human beings and the struggles they face, some on a daily basis. I hope to turn my physical hunger and thirst to spiritual hunger and thirst. I have been tempted along the journey, but all are. I’ve even failed in some aspects but, quoting the movie ‘Batman Begins,’ “Why do we fall if not to learn to get back up and try again?” So, I must say all-in-all Ramadan has begun to be a promising challenge as well as an eye-opening tradition. I only hope that others have the chance of seeing the things I now notice much more clearly. To all the Muslims celebrating this wonderful ‘holiday,’ Ramadan Mubarak!”

— Cody Scercy

Ramadan Mubarak to all from M&M also…

Peace Out