What’s Louis My Griller?

Now If this doesn’t blow away your culinary taste buds then I don’t know what will. It’s always beautiful if an artist can combine art/fashion with food, and one artist has. The Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker (2012) is a recent work by Los Angeles artist Andrew Lewicki.




The waffle maker is a teflon-coated art waffle maker by featuring the LV monogram. This waffle maker would definitely be a key-piece for any season in your kitchen and I would think it would just look pretty rather than make pretty waffles. Andrew Lewicki has also created a manhole in the shape of an Oreo.  This design is fascinating and something that I’m sure no one would disapprove of, after all who wouldn’t want an edible manhole? Ah the torture of imagination? He has also created a concrete set of Legos. Head over to his website  (www.andrewlewicki.com) for more fascinating creations.




(Images taken from: http://www.andrewlewicki.com)