Louis Vuitton x Muhammed Ali x Yasiin Bey

I thought Louis Vuitton were done with Muhammed Ali after the awesome ads they created but I was wrong. They have collated some of his best quotes and have got the artist formerly known as Mos Def along for the ride! You sometimes forget how good Ali’s grasp of words was. Yasiin delivers them with a lethal blow and I applaud Louis Vuitton for this amazing ad. Have a look after the cut…


“Last night I had a dream, we got to Africa and had a hell of a rumble”

“You know im bad, I murdered a rock, hospitalised a brick, im so bad I make medicine sick!”

“I’ll drown all the water, I’ll kill a dread tree, wait till you see Muhammed Ali”


“This is the story of Muhammed Ali, the prettiest fighter there ever will be. He talks a great deal and brags indeed of a muscular punch thats incredible speedy”

“This brash young fighter is something to see and the heavyweight championship is his destiny”

“When I say 2 there’s never a 3rd, standing against me is completely absurd”

“I Am The Greatest”

Peace Out…