Louis Vuitton: Fall/Winter 2012

French Iconic brand, Louis Vuitton, seems to be testing the waters in creativity lately. Their latest addition for the Fall/Winter 2012 season is both breathtaking and bizarre. From the looks of it there doesn’t seem to be any recession in their creativity. For their latest men’s ready-to-wear capsule, LV have added metal infused lace-up shoes in three alternatives. As well as featuring metal on the temples of the shoe they have added a bit to the toe, and experimented with materials. Taking it a step further, they have also designed a pair that features a fur upper, instead of leather, for those who prefer to not conform with society. This collection may not be to everyone’s taste but I applaud Louis Vuitton for their boldness in experimenting with different styles. So if you want to stand out, stand in a pair of these. This new collection is now available from Louis Vuitton flagship stores.