Stone Island: 30th Anniversary

A masterpiece video showcasing a series of products focusing on the manufacturing and the heritage of the Stone Island design. The video goes into depth of the materials and offers a beautiful visual narrative of the Stone Island jacket. With the heavy breathing in the backdrop, it offers a haunting feeling as if Bane is lurking in the proximity.



Tela Stella: the genesis, the origin. Founded 1982, Stone Island was founded with just one fabric in 6 bicolour versions. Thirty years later, the exact replica of a piece from its first collection is available, in the fabric inspired by a study on the technical and functional features of tarpaulins for military trucks. This cotton cloth is impregnated on both sides with contrasting pigment special resins. The fabric then undergoes a long lasting enzyme wash to achieve a faded aspect. The result is a wind resistant material, with the flavour of marine old weather corroded oilskin pieces and with a strong military feel. (Taken from Stone Island’s Youtube Channel)