The world we live in often becomes very self centred and sometimes we all become caught up in the whirlwind that is the 21st century. Especially in such a capitalist society, it is easy to forget about others around you and to become placid about the atrocities witnessed on the news channels. I for one have at times been guilty of this, however I do try and do my part for those less fortunate.

I’m a proud Muslim and one of the core beliefs of Islam is the act of Zakaat. Which is giving a fixed portion of a persons wealth to those less fortunate by those Muslims who have the financial means to give. Islam also encourages to give more if you are able to and is something I have been brought up with. When I was younger, before Friday prayers my Dad used to hand me a fistful of coins for me to put into the mosque’s weekly collection bucket. This is something which has stayed with me and I still do it now.

Over the years there has been many a disaster which has rocked the world from the Tsunami to the recent floods in Pakistan to the drought in the Horn of Africa last year and the ongoing plight of the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank. During this time I have taken part in bake sales, sponsored walks and charity dinners. I feel it is important to be pro active as it encourages others to donate as well as raises awareness of certain issues.

One of the charities I have a strong connection with is Islamic Help who are based in the Balsall Heath area of Birmingham and are a relatively new charity. They were the charity that featured on the Oscar Winning documentary Saving Faces. I like working with them as it is relatively easy to find out what exactly is happening within the charity and I can find out where my donations are being spent. The charity is full of young people who strive to make a difference, some of them who have given so much in the way of others and people who I respect and look up to.

This month I took part in the WalkTheWalk Relay. Which is taking place as I type from Glasgow to London, with different participants taking hold of the baton every day. My leg was from Stafford to Brownhills, approximately 14.5 miles. Completing it whilst fasting was a challenge; it was a race against time to get the walk done before dusk but the feeling when I finished was amazing!

I am raising money for Orphans around the world and thanks to the generous donations of friends and family I have so far been able to sponsor 3 Orphans for a whole a year with a promising prospect of a 4th. If you would like to donate or find out more about the relay log onto my website

I encourage you all to look into what you can do for those less fortunate, even if it is a small donation or some time out to help out with a little admin, the need to help is growing as the situation in many developing countries worsens.