Marriage in Islam – How NOT to do it (Funny Vid)

Hello there fellow people of the world.

This Ramadhan has been quite special for me in the sense that I have started to discover what Islam is really about. I’ve never really understood the Qur’an or paid much attention to the intricate details of Islamic life. By this I don’t mean I didn’t know the Shahadah or was left blank-faced when it came to pray Maghrib salah at the masjid – no. What I mean is that I confused my life with culture and made it to be Islam (I’d argue through no fault of my own!).

In one sentence, let me tell you what I’ve learnt so far about what Islam is, for those who have yet to discover it – it is beautifully simple. That’s it.

Why the sudden curiosity? Some people find the stories of the Messengers of Allah fascinating and explore further. I did this for a little while and heard and read the stories of Musa (AS), Yusuf (AS) and even stories about other noble people such as Khalid Bin Waleed and my personal favourite so far – the story of Khidr and Musa. MashAllah – I enjoyed it all. Others I know have looked at stories of Angels and Jinns to inspire further research and knowledge of the religion – so whatever works for you…

But what really got me interested and reading things over and over and exploring and researching is that of the family life and marriage in Islam. Confused by culture, I started with asking what was required for a valid Nikah, how should a marriage be, how should the husband and wife treat each other, etc, etc. Evidently, marriage becomes 50% of the religion in Islam – Wow, just wow.

There’s no point me starting to give you a list of everything I have learned already but I will tell you that YouTube is a great place for information. Many knowledgable people talk about marriage and family in Islam in great detail and if you have the time, I urge you to understand what every persons rights and responsibilities are in the family, from the husband and wife, to parents and children – and they’re not all about imposing strict laws; I’ll give you one example – smiling at your spouse is an act of charity – see, SIMPLE!

Anyhows, my sister forwarded me this video and it made both of us laugh out loud. But behind the laughter, a very important moral is told, one that us Asian folks should especially heed! Be good to your spouse, even when things aren’t always as you wish them to be…

Enjoy folks. May Allah guide us all.