Bolt X Birmingham

London 2012 Olympics have brought out patriotism that we never knew existed in us. Indiginous as well as immigrants celebrated their country’s achievements all under one banner: Team GB. As well as celebrating Team GB’s success, we also celebrated the success of another country whose 50th independence was celebrated earlier in the week. The Jamaican team trained at Birmingham University’s sports facilities, and as Brummies we feel proud to have hosted and assisted Team Jamaica in their training and ensured that they would promise us new world records. The talk of the town was none other than the fastest man on the planet: Usain Bolt. Bolt has given the Olympics something to talk about. Bolt has been a gentleman at times, and at time a showman. Bolt himself has won more medals than some nations, and that should say something about the determination of this great athlete, who is now a living legend. It seems to be a tradition now: where there’s a Bolt, expect thunder.  As the Olympics are preparing to come to a close, Team Jamaica today shattered the previous relay record.



Whether Bolt races in the next Olympic or not, it doesn’t matter (though it would be a shame) but we have Blake, the new prodigy to carry on the baton. London 2012 has created legends, and we have also been shown sparks of what the future hold in terms of Athletics as a sport.

Check out the post-race interview where Bolt, Blake, and Weir big up Birmingham in Patois!



And finally once again thanks to Team Jamaica and Usain Bolt for making these Olympics truly memorable.You have done your country proud, you have done our country proud; you have done us proud.


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