Spotlight: Rima Tadmory

Birmingham based British Lebanese, Rima Tadmory, is an incredible talent waiting to be discovered. A graduate in Fashion Design, her eponymous label aims to highlight the female silhouette and celebrate the covered body. Since her fashion is primarily family orientated, her muse from a tender age was her talented grandmother from whom Rima acquired the skills and passion for design. sewing, and material.

With her Middle Eastern heritage, Rima’s style depicts a unification of East and West; fusing inspiration from flamboyant pieces of Arabian & European clothing to the more simplicity of British taste. Her conspicuous pieces of inspiration are taken from traditional images of abayas, robes and kaftans, but upgraded to a western palate. She amalgamates the two cultures elegantly, not compromising on modesty or quality, making a woman feel like a woman, and nothing less.

After her preview launch at Crystal Plaza in Birmingham early this year, this young designer is definitely one to keep an eye out for. As she slowly builds up her collection and clients, Rima hopes to reach out to big names and become the next big thing for both country and couture. Her studio is based in Birmingham city centre, so if you’re passing by, make sure you stop by (but book an appointment prior).

Check out the video below for a preview of her launch promo.

An artist will always be judged by their discipline and work ethos towards their craft. Rima has both, a beautiful work ethic/ethos, as well as a passion for her trade. She is an artisans and not shy to experiment and extend creative boundaries. Though modern in her designs and prints, she remains traditional to the core (she even has a typewriter!). Her rich draping and excess of material gives affluence to her fashion as well as an aesthetic pleasure to it. If you want to invest in something outlandish this year, Rima Tadmory can cater to your preferences. You will get your very own bespoke designer who makes high-end dresses at high-street costs. You can look good without putting your bank balance in a choke-hold. Rima Tadmory attire is made exclusively for you, your body, and to your taste.

The team at Musk&Moccasin wish Rima the best in her creative endeavours and hope to see her work blossom in the fashion industry, and to make a successful career of it. For more of her work, visit: