Review: Rick Ross – God Forgives I Don’t

God Forgives I Dont is one of the biggest Hip Hop albums of 2012, you can’t deny Rick Ross’s dominance at the helm of MMG and a strong money maker on the DefJam roster. Following his last album Teflon Don and mixtape Rich Forever the bar was set high for GFID and I have to admit Rozay delivered.

However I wasn’t so optimistic when the project’s lead single came out. Touch’N’You featuring Usher just didn’t have the same impact that BMF had when I first heard that but the song definitely grew on me. This was definitely the mainstream single for the MTV generation, the second single to be released was So Sophisticated. This track was more like it! The track featured MMG star Meek Mill and was definitely the street single for the album. So Sophisticated is a perfect example of why Rick Ross has made it so far, good beats, good vocals and cocaine lyrics…Simple.

Ross then released Hold Me Back, this is a song similar to So Sophisticated but doesn’t have the same effect and is the song for me which got me worried about the project. It got me wondering if the album was going to be full of big, loud pop your speakers, throw money at strippers type of album. Thankfully it isn’t.

Three Kings was the big song on the tracklisting which features Dr Dre and Jay Z, and if I’m being honest was pretty ordinary. Jay Z takes the crown for the best verse on the track but he didn’t have to try very hard in my opinion. This was it for the leaked tracks now I had to wait for when the album was going to be released!

I gave this album the attention it deserved so I sat down, put in my Beats headphones and pressed play. The album started pretty decent a nice vibe going from Pirates to Three Kings. Ashamed brought a little change with a more up beat reggae influenced beat, something that was needed to keep the album fresh. Ross’s wordplay was pretty consistent but then again it has been for the past 3/4 years, should we have expected anything less?!

Maybach Music IV is another instalment for his fans carrying on the Maybach name but this time no features but with just Ne-Yo on the hook. Stand out tune on the album has to be Diced Pineapples which is probably the 2nd most played track on the album for myself after So Sophisticated. It brings together Wale, Drake and Rozay and the chemistry is instant. A track with Ross and Drake is a sure fire hit and this is no different.

Andre 3000 makes a huge impact on Sixteen, Rozay does well lyrically but Andre bodies him on his own track. The 8 minute track is definitely one of the highlights on GFID. The album also features 2 of the highlight tracks from mixtape Rich Forever, Triple Beam Dreams with Nas as well as Rich Forever which features the smooth voice of John Legend. Amsterdam is also one which has been getting alot of play, the video features actress Antonique Smith living the high life along with rapper Tyga and MMG’s Omarion, be careful when playing the video below some bits are NSFW.

Overall a solid effort from Ross which has reinstated his position as one of the best in HipHop to best sell Cocaine Music. Was it better than Teflon Don…I can’t say it was, that album has more depth to it in my opinion. This is a decent album and will be getting a few more plays from me. Rozay won’t be done yet don’t worry about that, he will be pushing his artists albums just as hard as he did with GFID. One thing about Ross is that he is a team player, expect more to come from his MMG roster in the months to come.