Flashback Friday: Raghav x Storyteller

I don’t like to admit it often but the first ever original album that I received was Storyteller and I loved it. Raghav on that album was the so called saviour of the Asian scene someone who could cross the barrier into the mainstream and be a success.


Raghav for those of you that don’t know is a Canadian Asian singer who took over the scene in 2004. Unfortunately this album was his only real success to date but for me will always remain a classic! His first single brought him instant success and So Confused was soon seen on most music channels.



The album is one of those you can play throughout without skipping a song, that is the key for me between a great album and a classic. Raghav’s only hindi song on the album Teri Bhatoon which has the same beat as Angel Eyes which is a kind of English equivalent of it merge together quite well for the video.



Raghav also released a single collaboratively with  2Play called It Cant Be Right featuring the female vocals of Naila Boss and rapper Juxci, I remember playing this for most of the summer!



Cant Get Enough was a track from Raghav which used an Asian sample and featured UK rapper Iceberg Slim, the video also went back to Raghavs South Asian roots and a tabla always helps!



As well as the songs Raghav made videos for others on the album were just as good, telling the typical tale of love, romance and heartbreak. If you get a chance give them a listen especially No I and Bad Bad Bad. After this album was released he signed a deal with Universal India but that album just didn’t come close to having the impact that Storyteller did. I don’t see him coming back so I’ll just have to keep replaying this every so often.

Peace Out…