Dave Chappelle: The Man Who Turned Down $50million

Ask a youngster today who Dave Chappelle is and they would not have a clue (trust me, I tried). This is the comedian who at one point had the world under his feet to the extent that he was offered $50million for a third series of his hugely successful Chappelle Show which he bluntly turned down and went to Africa.

Chappelle’s career was an illustrious one with several movie roles both behind and infront of screen, cult classics such as The Nutty Professor and Blue Streak all called upon Chappelle for his comedic brilliance. Apart from his acting/comedic career David Khari Webber Chappelle will also be known as the man who bought the Fugees back together for a one time only performance at his own bloc party in Brooklyn in 2006.

Despite his numerous film roles and comedic  sets he will be forever known for his Chappelle Show, 2 seasons of comedic brilliance, with Season 1 being the best selling television DVD series (selling over 3 million copies beating The Simpsons). Just as all seemed going perfectly production stalled on a 3rd season and Chappelle refused the infamous $50million to stay on (and a cut of DVD sales) and set sail for Africa.

Upon arriving back in the USA after his African experience Chappelle agreed to do an interview for The Actors Studio in which he tells all about his feelings towards the industry as a whole and why he set of to Africa. This is definitely one of the best interviews I have ever seen and gives you a real insight into the great mind that is Dave Chappelle.

”alot of white people get therapy, we don’t have those facilities, we have weed and liquor stores”

”Why is Mariah Carey making a $100million recording contract and taking her clothes off on TRL”

”To say someone is crazy is dismissive, people are not crazy, they are strong people, maybe their environment is a little sick”

”The only way you know where the line is, is if you cross it”